Monday, May 20, 2024

How Did I Miss This? (Improved Oracle Redux)

 Thanks to Matt for the much better way to do the Improved Oracle.  I don't know why I didn't think of it but... 2 dice is the solution.  One d6 for NO/YES (high/low) and the other for AND/-x-/BUT.

So for example...

... this would be a NO BUT.  

An elegant solution to the restrictive 50-50 problem of the single die.  Appreciate your great idea, Matt!


  1. Hey. I just discovered your awesome blog and podcast. Seems, I have to catch up with the past episode now ;)

    Just a question concerning the mechanics. What´s the point in two dice? Going from "no and" to "yes and" on one d6 gives the same outcome!? Doesn´t it? Sorry ... I am not that statistics / math guy.

  2. Ok. It´s me again. Sry ... I just did the math.

    1d6: 6 outcomes (from "no and" to "yes and") -> each 1/6

    2d6: 1st die 2 outcomes (yes / no), 2nd die 3 outcomes (and, but, x) -> so it´s 1/2 on the first die and 2/6 on the second die.

    example: "yes and"

    1d6 = 1/6

    2d6 = 1/2 (fist die: yes) x 2/6 (second die: and) = 2/12 = 1/6

    Mate, that thing really triggers me. Sorry for bothering you. But I really believe it´s all the same. It´s just the way, the results are presented. Isn´t it? Please let me know.

    1. To make things "likely" or even "very likely" you could also use more d6. it´s the same like "advantage" is ruled in many systems.

      Adding 1 extra d6 and keep the highest result would make up a 75% chance to roll a 4,5, or 6 (yes but / yes / yes and)

      Adding 2 extra d6 would make up 87,5% to get a 4,5, or 6 on at least one of the die you keep.

    2. The reason to use 2 dice is so you can add a modifier to the first die (+1 or +2 / -1 or -2). This is better than adv/disadv, I think, because it doesn't amplify the chances for exceptional results. Does that make sense? I wanted a system where 'No And' would still have a low chance of occurring, even when something was 'Very Unlikely'. I'm no math guy, and I might be out to lunch... but that's what this blog is for :)

    3. Do you treat a nat 1 as automatic fail / miss - no matter the bonus?

    4. I wouldn't use plusses and minuses, I would just use an extra die for likely/unlikely or two exta dice for very likely/very unlikely, keeping the highest or lowest as appropriate.

    5. Hi Keith - thanks for the comment! This method is certainly viable, though I do think it increases chances for the more extreme results (the Yes-And and the No-And). I'm no math guy, however... :)

  3. In this case, I wouldn't do that, I think. I'm gonna playtest this a bit and see if it works as I expect it to :)

  4. Hell yeah. Let us know, how it went. Did a little math on that. And if I got it right the +1 gives you 2 x no and 4 x yes (about 67% yes) and the +1 gives you 1 x no and 5 x yes (about 83% yes). Peace out!

  5. I can't believe I missed this! Thanks to Matt, I've discovered a much better way to use the Improved Oracle. Instead of one die, you use two—one d6 for NO/YES (high/low) and another for AND/-x-/BUT.