Saturday, May 18, 2024

An Improved d6 Oracle???

Hey solo gamers! If you're looking for something new and simple to try, give this a spin:

I love the classic d6 oracle (No-And to Yes-and) because of how it pushes new narrative, but, at the same time it really only works when the odds of a given situation are 50-50.

So, I had this alternate idea:  

1 No and
2 No
3 No but
4 No and
5 No
6 No but
7 Yes but
8 Yes
9 Yes and
10 Yes but
11 Yes
12 Yes and

Use this straight up for 50-50.  For Likely, add +3.  For Extremely Likely, +5. Negative mods for Unlikelies.

If anybody tries this out, please let me know if it works for you.  The tests I did seemed to work well, but I'd love to know your experience.

Game on!


  1. Very interesting. Did you consider the same options, but 1-2 is "no and," 3-4 is "no," 5-6 is "no but," and so on)? Or was mingling them so that the outcomes are more dispersed, relative to the traditional d6 roll, part of the goal?

    Love the show by the way. Keep up the great work.

    1. You know, I wanted to avoid that clustering as it would negate the option for a +3 (likely) kind of move, but I can see a much better option from the comment below... a second d6 is cleaner (and easy to memorize) :) Wish I thought of that!

  2. Ewwww, using the cursed d12??

    I would likely use a d6 for "Yes/No", and a second d6 as "-/And/But". Probably have similar results without that blasphemous d12 being invited to the party. ;-)

    1. How did I not think of that... of course a second die is much cleaner. To make Likely or Very Likely, just add a bonus to the Yes/No die. Great idea!