Friday, October 28, 2022

Arts n Crafts Time

 Over the summer, I started a bunch of half-baked ideas.  Most of them are now fully baked ... things.  Not sure how useful they'll be as they aren't really to scale.  I just did them for fun.  Learned a couple things along the way.  Here's my Air Elemental project:

You can see how it was made: epoxy base and a skeleton of glue sticks from a hot glue gun.  Wrap those in yarn and hot glue again.  Then paint, using blue with white highlights/drybrush.  Modpodge all over for a glossy finish and once more lightly with the glue gun to get the transparent air wisps.  Turned out OK.  Not the best thing I ever made, but it is an air elemental for about 50 cents. 

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Aelward, the Silverthorn

I used this MidJourney AI generated image to describe the statue of Aelward, the Silverthorn - a hero of days gone by & generated using Pendulum.  Too bad I didn't have the forethought to put the Church of Sadal in behind it.

Shownotes for Episode 12

Theme                         Enchiridion

Welcome                     148 Barovian Castle

Previously On     Scott Buckley Legionnaire 


Part 2         'It's In The Fog' by Darren Curtis 


Some  FX:         

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Pendulum Updated

 Hey folks,  for those who purchased Pendulum and didn't get the express version bundled, everything should be fixed and fully updated now.  Please let me know if there's any difficulties and I'll address them right away. :) Thanks for your patience.


Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Shownotes for Episode 11

Theme                                     Enchiridion

Welcome                                 148 Barovian Castle

Previously                               On Scott Buckley Legionnaire


Part 2 (final moments)            Tabletop Audio - Defiled Temple

Dramatis                                 RPG SOUNDS “Realization”

Part 4                                      Darren Curtis –  She’s Watching Me

Some  FX:                    

Monday, October 17, 2022

Nalukkhar: A Pendulum-Generated Settlement

    Nalukkhar: A Pendulum-Generated Settlement

    (feel free to use this in whole or in part for your own game if you find it useful)

    (Year 1) Hileon Ansic, the warlord (33 years old), discovers a cache of ancient knowledge in the ruins under a newly conquered territory. He decides to quit the life of a nomadic raider and settle here.

    (Year 4) The little settlement, now called Nalukkhar, is a hamlet of about 50 people. Building has gone well, as many of the original structures remained intact after Hileon's invasion.

    (Year 10) One such structure is a stone wall with a watch tower. After a few years, it is restored and improved upon under Hileon's supervision.

    (Year 11) Hileon, now 44 years old, disappears into the ruins. The event is sudden and mysterious as the ruins were thought to have been fully explored. His wife becomes the new leader. Her name is D'nara (33 yrs old). They did not have a good relationship and she does not mourn his absence, nor does she make a large effort to find him. Some people suspect her of foul play.

    (Year 21) Over the next ten years, the hamlet becomes village of 150 people. People living nearby in the region have come to the city for the protection of its walls as stories of marauding creatures become more and more common. When Queen D'nara is 43 years old, a kind of blueprint is found in the ruins. It allows the skilled artisans of Nalukkhar to repair a special item that had been badly damaged during Hileon's invasion: a special device made of pipes that catches the wind and creates a high-frequency pitch. This ever present tone somehow keeps the marauding beasts away.

    (Year 41) Queen D'nara (now 63 years old) makes a trading partner out of a settlement on the far side of a nearby mountain range. It is another walled city, called Formarist. The people of Formarist want to build some 'Beast Pipes' of their own to ward off a different kind of monster threatening their home, but they lack the knowledge to do so.

    (Year 41) By the time Queen D'nara is 66, sightings and run-ins with the monsters that prowl their borders are back. Have the creatures adapted to the pipes? Have the pipes' power waned? Eventually there is an attack on a merchant caravan and some citizens are killed. The people of Nalukkhar are growing scared once again.

    (Year 70) Mysteriously, the sightings stop and there are no more attacks. One day the reason is discovered: some of the monsters are found slain... but what killed them? That remains a mystery, but years of prosperity follow and the town expands to 1000 people after many years of bountiful harvest, safety and skilled governance.

    (Year 71) Queen D'nara did not have children; she never took another husband, as she was worried it might cast more suspicion on her concerning Hileon's disappearance. This is evidence of the queen's wisdom that provided so many years of growth and prosperity for her subjects. But nothing lasts forever. Queen D'nara passes away at the age of 92, from natural causes. Now the long worry about who will replace her suddenly becomes a pressing issue. Over this problem, Nalukkhar splits into factions, with powerful players lending their strength to various sides claiming their chosen man or woman should lead.

    In that same year, not long after the queen's death, a foreigner comes to the city, claiming to be Hileon reborn. His outrageous story is believed by some; he knows things that should be impossible for an outsider to know. While some see him as a charlatan or a madman, others do not. A cult slowly begins to form around him. All the while, the power vacuum expands.

    (Year 90) 19 years of strife and infighting pass as Nalukkhar teeters on the edge of civil war. The man claiming to be Hileon reborn advocate for the destruction of the 'Beast Pipes'. His cult has been growing steadily in numbers and influence over the years. During this time, the leadership passes from petty lord to petty lord, but civil unrest continues to smolder, and looks like it may ignite, until one day when...

Friday, October 14, 2022

Monday, October 10, 2022

Giving Thanks

It's Canadian Thanksgiving today and I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all my listeners and supporters, and all the folks who helped to playtest/betatest Pendulum.  The World-building assistant is complete and is now on DTRPG for those who would like to check it out.

I think I got them all, and I've put it out there once, but a second time won't hurt: if I missed crediting any playtesters (you didn't get an email with a copy attached would be one way to know), please email me asap and I will update the master file.


(Canejonegro, if you are reading this, please get in touch - I've lost your email address and I'd like to send you a complimentary finished copy)

Saturday, October 8, 2022

The Skundehvar: Listener Made Map!

Eric (@drakonspyre on Twitter) recently got in touch to let me know he had made a map of the Bridge of the Wind.  

He has done an amazing job, using Inkarnate, to bring this location to vivid life.  Check it out:


Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Guillotine


V= Am to EM and C= CM and GM works well with strum and hold verses and busy refrains

Once there were princesses three,

And lusty maids they were said to be

Their father would not trust to luck,

And fearful of a roy-al . . .

          Fa-la-la, fa-la-la, fa-la-la, fa-la-la,

          fa-la-la, fa-la, la LA

He welded on his daughters three,

belts to keep virginity

And in each belt was placed a lock,

with-a-blade-to-chop an intruders...

          Diddle-dum, diddle-dee, diddle-dum, diddle-dee,


When the king returned from war,

He called his knights, all seven score

And ordered them to drop their pants,

to see if each still had- his

          Fa-la-la, fa-la-la, fa-la-la, fa-la-la,

          fa-la-la, fa-la, la LA

The king could see at just a glance,

Not one of his knights retained their lance

Save the brave and bold Sir Nick,

the only knight who still had - his...

Derry down, derry down, derry down, derry down,

derry down, hang derry derry down

Shownotes for Episode 10

Theme                               Enchiridion

Welcome                           148 Barovian Castle

Previously On                   Scott Buckley Legionnaire


Dramatis                           RPG SOUNDS “Realization”

Some  FX: