Friday, October 28, 2022

Arts n Crafts Time

 Over the summer, I started a bunch of half-baked ideas.  Most of them are now fully baked ... things.  Not sure how useful they'll be as they aren't really to scale.  I just did them for fun.  Learned a couple things along the way.  Here's my Air Elemental project:

You can see how it was made: epoxy base and a skeleton of glue sticks from a hot glue gun.  Wrap those in yarn and hot glue again.  Then paint, using blue with white highlights/drybrush.  Modpodge all over for a glossy finish and once more lightly with the glue gun to get the transparent air wisps.  Turned out OK.  Not the best thing I ever made, but it is an air elemental for about 50 cents. 

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