Friday, March 25, 2022

A little photo-realism in your audio?

 Occasionally, I'll find a photo of a place that inspires me to try to sketch out a scene using the photo as an anchor point or reference.  This is true to Rydell's Sanctuary, which is based off a photo of Scotland's Faerie Pooles and is more or less a text duplicate of the image, to the best of my (admittedly limited) skills.  I've never been to Scotland, nor had I heard of the Pooles... I just loved the photograph.

In the early/lower levels of the Agojen, I did something similar with this photo:

This isn't one I stumbled across and then decided to insert into the story.  this time, I had the idea (I needed a way to power all the stuff in there even in the absence of the Agojenites) and so I hunted for the right photo.  When I found a good one, I tried to do another text-sketch.  This scene was a real challenge to put together, mostly because there was a lot of noise that needed to be included to capture the grandeur of the falls... but I also had to have dialogue happen.  I must have mixed it five time to get it right :)

Monday, March 21, 2022

Shownotes for Episode 68

Theme                                     Evan King - Enchiridion

Welcome                                  148 Barovian Castle

Previously On                          Scott Buckley - Legionnaire

Dramatis                                  RPG SOUNDS “Realization”

Part 3                                       ‘Labyrinth of Lost Dreams’ by Darren Curtis

Some  FX:                      

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Yet more from Justin!

Yes... yes, that's pretty much how it went down.

Thanks for the phenomenal work, Justin!  Gyrios, with his eyeball buggin' out, is maybe the best thing I have ever seen.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

More beautiful art from Justin Pfeil

 This incredible scene from the middle of Season 1 is by the very talented Justin Pfeil.  If you haven't checked out his webcomic, you can do so right here.

Justin is doing something experimental with his comic that's quite similar to what I do with TOTM.  Plus, he can really draw!

Monday, March 14, 2022

Check out the Nuovarden Kickstarter!

 I wanted to show some support for Ty and Erin of Adventureslang.  They're launching their kickstarter on Mar 16th.  If you're into Sci-Fantasy, please check them out!

Their pre-launch page is here

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Shownotes for Episode 67

Theme                                     Evan King - Enchiridion

Welcome                                  148 Barovian Castle

Previously On                          Scott Buckley - Legionnaire

Pre Part 1                                 Darren Curtis – She’s Watching Me

Part 1                                       Odin

Some  FX:                      

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

It's BOGO Poem Month 'Round Here (Thanks, Whitehall!)


Saturday, March 5, 2022

The Warrior’s Poem (Episode 66 - not a spoiler)


The Warrior’s Poem


Hafitta lo minrum eyemon

Yo nokka fartha un ta saydon


Gulluh dun-dun aki anonalla

Lo faro dolai-anir-branna


Lakuumshae zar boa skund

Lakuumshae kojo boa khaz

Lakuumshae haptun kala mirioth

Waramir anonalla taag




Bless you who answers the call

We are glad to see you strong and hale


Drums beat for you, the champions

Who hunt the giant serpent of red


May your axe be like the wind

May your courage be strong as the iron

May your victory be as inevitable as a river

Chosen of the queen

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Monster Mod for Ep 65 (not a spoiler)



FREQUENCY: Very rare



MOVE: 6"/18"








ALIGNMENT: See below



% IN LAIR: Nil


Attack/Defense Modes: Nil


This creature is created and animated through a special process by a magic-user. It appears as a vaguely humanoid lump of misshapen clay or dough. Sensory organs are typically malformed and sensory acuity is likewise somewhat limited.  It has no attack capability but is useful to the magic-user who created it as a spy.


The creature makes all of its saving throws at the some level as its creator. Although the homonculous cannot speak, it knows what the magic-user knows, and the latter is able to see and hear through the creature's eyes and ears. There is a telepathic link between the magic-user and his creature, and the homonculous can be controlled up to 48" away from its master. It will never willingly pass from this maximum range. If the homonculous is killed the magic-user immediately suffers 1-10 points of damage. When a homonculous is desired the magic-user endure an expensive, lengthy and painful process. It takes 1 week to form the creature. This will require 1 pint of the magic-user's blood and 500-2,000 gold pieces.


A magic user may have up to five homunculi in their service at any given time.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

New Wandering Encounter Table for Ep.66

 Random Encounter Table for The Khaz Mirioth 

Levels 4-6


Roll 1d20


1       Exceptional terrain feature or extreme weather

2       3-4 ogres

3       4 harpies

4       Strange/Symbols or totems

5       – special NPC(s) (ranger, hermit, wizard, etc?)

6       an abandoned campsite, only 2 days old.

7       Carrion birds circling a dead body… or is it alive?

8       rockslide

9       wyvern

10     Grizzly Bear

11     Mountain Lion

12     Spotted by the dragon


*Items in italics can only be encountered once

Shownotes for Episode 66

Theme                                     Evan King - Enchiridion

Welcome                                  148 Barovian Castle

Previously On                          Scott Buckley - Legionnaire

Part 2                                       Scott Buckley - Hiraeth

Final scener                             Evan King - Odin

Some  FX: