Sunday, June 27, 2021

5 Movies that Have Inspired the Show

 I'll take inspiration from anywhere, but fairly often I will get ideas from watching movies.  Here's just a few, in no particular order, that inspired 'scenes' in TOTM.

The Prologue begins with the characters all tied to a log in a row.  I took this idea from the prisoners in Apocalypto.

Raphinfell's Angels - and his dungeon -were loosely inspired by the victims in this movie. Come to think of it, the iron-masked Solemns probably owe a debt to Martyrs, too. Warning: this film is not for the faint of heart. Really.

The character 'Sourtongue' was greatly inspired by 'Meg Mucklebones' from the film Legend, but her voice was created by emulating the demons in Evil Dead. The way I imagine goblins has always been the way they are depicted in Legend, too. All in all, this movie must be in my top ten of all time favorites.

The grizzly attack was randomly generated, but I described its behaviour after watching the gruesome bear attack in The Revenant. This scene is truly one of the most harrowing movie scenes I can name.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Updated character sheets with INV & Stats for Ep 41

HARL lvl 3

S   15

I    11

W  13

D   7

C   10

Ch  14

L   8

Hp: 21

Plate mail, battleaxe, belt pouch (14gp, 36sp, 88cp), elven waterskin. A whetstone. A leather sack. Iron rations -3


UMURA lvl 4

S   8

I    17

W  9

D   9

C   14

Ch 7

L   10

Hp: 18

Leather boots, layered tunic and leggings, goblin belt pouch (empty) waterskin, silver dagger, shoulderbag (quill, inkpot, hooded lantern, tinderbox, 3 flasks oil, 2 doses of Raphinfel’s serum, ‘angel’ recipe notes, “A Treatise on Theoretical Extra Planar Realities.”, Dermund’s spellbook, her spellbook), Silver necklace with sapphire worth 500gp. A spool of strong thread with both a needle and a fish hook. Owl of Thressendia. Mithridaticum Elixir (1 vial/1dose). Ring of prot +1 (now AC=8) Iron rations-3

GYRIOS lvl 4

S   12

I    12

W  14

D   14

C   15

Ch 8

L   14

HP: 26

Chainmail, flail, backpack, Kagan’s old half-helm, waterskin, good quality beltpouch(2 flasks of oil), good traveling boots, 1 gold holy-symbol-coin, silver shield with engraving, backpack (16 candles, A leather sack, a flint & steel,),  boots, belt pouch Iron rations-3



S   12

I    9

W  11

D   14

C   9

Ch 16

L   15

Hp: 14

Prison frock, waterskin, short sword, dagger, short bow and quiver, thieves tools, goblin belt pouch (empty), 50’ rope, Bracers of Defense AC 6. (24 gp, 363sp and 195 cp). 6 expertly made, white-fletched arrows. 20 arrows and a leather quiver. Iron rations-3, whetstone

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Wandering Encounter Table for ‘The Swamp/Sourtongue’s Bog’


Roll 1d12

1: 1 Pixie (Basic Rules) or good-aligned spirit of the troll, now released.  Might give some kind of help, treasure or magic item to the party.

2: 1 Willowisp/malevolent spirit, released from troll

3: 1-2 Giant leeches (Expert Rules)

4: Quicksand.  First character in marching order makes a dex save; 2nd makes a dex save at advantage to avoid.  Roll a d4.  This show how quickly they go under.  A 3 or 4 means member can be saved by quickly throwing a rope. 1-2 rounds means they go under right away and a more radical and risky rescue must be attempted in order to save the player(s)

5: 4 giant toads (Expert Rules)

6: 2-8 Giant centipedes (Basic Rules)

7: Thick Fog.  Party gets lost and walks in circles for a half day, AND, roll d6 again for another chance to have a wandering encounter.

8: Insect Swarm (Basic Rules)

9: Sourtongue’s lair is discovered.  Determine potential treasure using Expert Rules.

10: 5-8 Lizard Men (Basic Rules)

11: 3-6 Robber Flies (Basic Rules)

12: A dangerous or carnivorous plant, like the Mantrap (2nd ed)

*italicized encounters can only happen once

Monday, June 21, 2021

Shownotes for Episode 41

Theme                                     Evan King - Enchiridion

Welcome                                 148 Barovian Castle

Previously On                          Scott Buckley - Legionnaire

Part 2                                       Ivan Duch – Creepyswamp

Some  FX:                     

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Shownotes for Episode 40


Theme                                     Evan King - Enchiridion

Welcome                                  148 Barovian Castle

Previously On                          Scott Buckley - Legionnaire

Some  FX:                      

Monday, June 7, 2021

"Harl Stonecarver' by Simon Williams

 Rounding out the set, a fourth and final portrait by the very talented Simon Williams.  Thank you, Simon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Updated Map of Mareth

 Note that the scale is a bit off, especially between Burke and Duervar and that the territory to the east is not yet mapped out (the Khaz Mirioth might or might not keep going all the way to the sea, for example).

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Shownotes for Episode 39

 (I will upload a map, as mentioned in the episode, tomorrow)

Theme                                     Evan King - Enchiridion

Welcome                                  148 Barovian Castle

Previously On                          Scott Buckley - Legionnaire

Dramatis                                  RPG SOUNDS “Realization”

Some  FX:                      

More artwork

 My own artwork can't compare to the art submitted by fans, but since work is so bonkers right now and I don't have much time to write, I thought I'd post a couple of pieces I made as examples to show my digital art class.  These are achieved by a combination of hand drawing/paint and photo manipulation.  They require more patience and judgement than talent.  Anyone can do it.  If you want to learn the technique, let me know in the comments.