Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Wandering Encounter Table for ‘The Swamp/Sourtongue’s Bog’


Roll 1d12

1: 1 Pixie (Basic Rules) or good-aligned spirit of the troll, now released.  Might give some kind of help, treasure or magic item to the party.

2: 1 Willowisp/malevolent spirit, released from troll

3: 1-2 Giant leeches (Expert Rules)

4: Quicksand.  First character in marching order makes a dex save; 2nd makes a dex save at advantage to avoid.  Roll a d4.  This show how quickly they go under.  A 3 or 4 means member can be saved by quickly throwing a rope. 1-2 rounds means they go under right away and a more radical and risky rescue must be attempted in order to save the player(s)

5: 4 giant toads (Expert Rules)

6: 2-8 Giant centipedes (Basic Rules)

7: Thick Fog.  Party gets lost and walks in circles for a half day, AND, roll d6 again for another chance to have a wandering encounter.

8: Insect Swarm (Basic Rules)

9: Sourtongue’s lair is discovered.  Determine potential treasure using Expert Rules.

10: 5-8 Lizard Men (Basic Rules)

11: 3-6 Robber Flies (Basic Rules)

12: A dangerous or carnivorous plant, like the Mantrap (2nd ed)

*italicized encounters can only happen once

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