Saturday, January 13, 2024

Dread Maps!

 Well, you know, I thought I wouldn't be posting again until I got back from out of country, but I couldn't wait that long to post this sheer awesomeness:

Dread Maps has created a very, very detailed map of the Goddard Estate.  It's just stunning (and you can really see how just much hard work went into it...)

You can get the full maps here

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Shownotes for Episode 56, and ...

Theme                     Enchiridion

Welcome                 148 Barovian Castle

Previously On Scott Buckley Legionnaire

Part 3b Kevin Macleod Unnatural Situation

Dramatis      RPG SOUNDS “Realization”

Some  FX:     

Cross Promo Partners: The Rolled Standard & Damsels in Dicetress

and, ... I wanted to say that there will be a delay in issuing shownotes for eps 57-61 as I'll be out of the country and won't be able handle that while I'm away.  Actual episode releases are set to happen automatically, however.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Next Stop: One Million!

 I already announced it on social media, and I put a special message into tomorrow's episode (56) too, so I hope I am not overdoing it in my excitement, but... TOTM finally hit the half million downloads mark. This is a huge milestone for me and it definitely fuels my engines..  I am so grateful to all the listeners, boosters, actors, musicians and other talents who have helped build the show. Thank you so much!!

Saturday, January 6, 2024

The 12 Days of Kit-Bash (Part 2)

 One of the things that I didn't expect to be a challenge was the photography part... but wow, this was actually much harder than I expected, especially as I had to do quite a bit of it after sundown and electric lights don't produce as good results as daylight (unless you have proper equipment, I suppose...).  Still and all, I did my best.  Here's the back half of my kit-bashing run:

Day 7

Ruined pillars made with dollar store clay, pressed inside a ring of crayons, dried and then hit with a hammer.

Day 8

These zombies were my first project and the reason I got interested in kit bashing in the first place.  I had ordered a bag-o-knights from amazon for ten or 15 bucks and got like, a hundred minis.  Great deal, right? Well, the scale was off... I joked with my D&D buddies that I had bought an army of halflings.  Since I had so many, I figured I could try an experiment and 'stretch' them, cutting off their limbs and cutting the waist, then adding a bit of hot glue in the gap.  These would deform them, sure, but... that could make for cool zombies.  I think it worked alright.

Day 9

Got this idea from The Dungeon Minister, who suggested buying Xmas model trees and using caulking to make snow.  I combined that Idea with Professor Dungeon Master's 'Dungeon Pizza' and, voila!

Day 10

Giant Frogs.  Is this even kit-bash?  I glued kitty litter onto some toy frogs' backs, glued the rubbery ones to a base, used a dude from the bag-o-halflings as a tasty treat, then a uniform paintjob.  This one was super easy and looks quite good.

Day 11

For Day 11, I was, to be honest, getting worried that I wouldn't actually be able to finish on time.  It took me all day and I shot the photos at night, but in the end, I managed to get a cool looking scene together with some fairly simple dungeon dressing bits.  This is true mixed medium.  The stairs are jenga blocks and foam; the crates are wooden blocks with cardboard details. The trapdoor is just cardboard with a bent wire pull. The altar (I'm quite proud of it) is clay with a fimo skull earring casting as a detail. The sarcophagus is clay with a foam lid. Tower round, curved stairs and wall are all clay.  I hand made a texture roller with 3-D paint on a bottle that worked a charm for the floor pattern. (I'd highly recommend making one of these. I liked it so much, I made another.)

Day 12

The only way I was able to get all 12 done was by doing a few each day.  In a way, these were the most successful, though I kind of ruined them by sealing the finished models with Mod Podge.  [Turns out, spray varnish (which I used on the dwarves) is better.  Mod Podge dries too thick and I lost some hard-won detail, especially in the skulls/faces.]  Still, the wire armature coated with 3D paint, fimo or soldered ribcages, and the fimo skulls worked well.  Weapons and shields are from the endless bag-o-knights, mostly.  The archer is the worst of the lot - an experiment on using a twist tie armature and not stripping off the plastic (it shows). Cultists are fimo with soldered hands and faces cast from a real mini.

Friday, January 5, 2024

The 12 Days of Kit-Bash (Part 1)

 As a teacher, I often have quite a bit of down time during the holiday season and as a retired teacher, I have gobs of it.  To kill the time in a fun way, I decided to issue myself the "The 12 Days of Kit-Bash" challenge, which was to make my own minis by kitbash, hand sculpt, or... whatever I could manage.  I learned a TON along the way and I have new respect for the artists who do this and post their work on Instagram.

By comparison, my stuff is ugly and childish, but I don't really care - I had a grand old time trying new things and learning a new craft.  Here's what I made:

Day 1

This is a roper made of hot glue and paper clips wire. Eye is a bead. Teeth are finishing nails.

Day 2

A pair of hydras made with a plastic dino, a fimo snake body and a bunch of hot glue snake heads I made by casting a plastic snake in clay.

Day 3

3 Trolls made with paper clip wire armature, '3D' fabric paint and some odds and sods.  I messed up the scale on the small ones (too small).

Day 4

I made 4 elementals, one of each type. Hot glue, epoxy, a skull earring cast and then rendered in fimo and some actual rocks crazy glued together are among the media here.

Day 5

Epoxy slimes.  Literally anything cand be made into a slime. The bubbles in the top two were done by using disposable contact lens cases.

Day 6

Dwarves.  Now these were real kitbash.  I used bits of other figurines (you'll see them in many of my builds... a big ole bag of mixed knights).  Also a lot of handcrafting here using various beads, stars and random shapes. Black beans for bodies and popcorn kernals for some heads. 2 of the heads were cast from a real dwarf mini I bought.  The other four have drinking straw helmets.

OK, I'll post the other 6 days tomorrow.  This was such a good time, I kind of think I might try it all again next year...

Monday, January 1, 2024

Shownotes for Episode 55

Theme                     Enchiridion

Welcome                 148 Barovian Castle

Previously On Scott Buckley Legionnaire

Part 2 Tabletop Audio - Defiled Temple

Dramatis                 RPG SOUNDS “Realization”

Some  FX:    

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