Friday, January 5, 2024

The 12 Days of Kit-Bash (Part 1)

 As a teacher, I often have quite a bit of down time during the holiday season and as a retired teacher, I have gobs of it.  To kill the time in a fun way, I decided to issue myself the "The 12 Days of Kit-Bash" challenge, which was to make my own minis by kitbash, hand sculpt, or... whatever I could manage.  I learned a TON along the way and I have new respect for the artists who do this and post their work on Instagram.

By comparison, my stuff is ugly and childish, but I don't really care - I had a grand old time trying new things and learning a new craft.  Here's what I made:

Day 1

This is a roper made of hot glue and paper clips wire. Eye is a bead. Teeth are finishing nails.

Day 2

A pair of hydras made with a plastic dino, a fimo snake body and a bunch of hot glue snake heads I made by casting a plastic snake in clay.

Day 3

3 Trolls made with paper clip wire armature, '3D' fabric paint and some odds and sods.  I messed up the scale on the small ones (too small).

Day 4

I made 4 elementals, one of each type. Hot glue, epoxy, a skull earring cast and then rendered in fimo and some actual rocks crazy glued together are among the media here.

Day 5

Epoxy slimes.  Literally anything cand be made into a slime. The bubbles in the top two were done by using disposable contact lens cases.

Day 6

Dwarves.  Now these were real kitbash.  I used bits of other figurines (you'll see them in many of my builds... a big ole bag of mixed knights).  Also a lot of handcrafting here using various beads, stars and random shapes. Black beans for bodies and popcorn kernals for some heads. 2 of the heads were cast from a real dwarf mini I bought.  The other four have drinking straw helmets.

OK, I'll post the other 6 days tomorrow.  This was such a good time, I kind of think I might try it all again next year...