Thursday, May 2, 2024

Adventures in Acetone part 3

 I might be a little obsessed... I've been making minis every day lately.  I'm not good at it yet but I am getting better.  

Here's the most recent batch.  They're mostly orcs, using a mold of a caveman plastic toy I found in a dollar store in Mexico.  The ones on the right are made with the acetone/plastic trick and the ones on the left use thermoplastic.  Each method has pros and cons, I find.  There's also a bit of green stuff, fimo, and fabric (3D) paint in the mix.

These are my most frequently used supplies (that's the acetone & plastic in the glass jar).  I forgot to include the green stuff (which I use less than I expected to) and crazy glue (which I use in pretty much every build).  I also use white glue for basing and for attaching hair.

This is one of the original plastic caveman toys.

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