Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Playtesters Wanted

 If you heard the Retrospective/Prospective episode released today,  you'll have heard me mention this project I'm working on. It's called 'Pendulum'.

Pendulum is a creative writing tool or world-building assistant.  It can be used alone or with several people.  You go through a list of prompts and record some ideas.  When you're done, you've got a 500+ year history for a society/kingdom/settlement/whatever.

I'm looking for playtesters... well, beta testers really, since it isn't a game, per se. If interested, let me know and I'll send you a draft copy of the full tool (takes about 3 hours to complete all together) or the express version (90 minutes to finish).  Neither tool needs to be done in one sitting and is easily broken up into shorter sessions.  Just let me know which you'd like.  I'll credit all beta-testers in the finished copy (though I'm afraid I cannot offer payment, other than a free finished copy of the tool when it's ready).

Want to volunteer?

Email me at taleofthemanticore@gmail.com and let me know.

(Be sure to tell me which version you'd like to try and how your name should appear in the credits.)

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