Saturday, June 4, 2022

Am I Hearing Double?

 A number of people emailed, messaged or DM'ed over the past couple of days to point out a glitch in episode 75, letting me know that the audio repeats.  I truly appreciate it when folks let me know of issues, audio or otherwise; it's not so uncommon that something slips through the net and I publish a mistake.  But in this case the repetition is on purpose.  I was experimenting with some parallel story telling.  The first pass through the Necropolis is from Umura's POV.  The second is from Harl's.  Some of the sound effects and the music are the same, as are key phrases, so it's really not a surprise that it came across as an error.  Experiment failed maybe?

On a barely related note: here's another trick I use now and then to kick me in the writer pants.  I google an image and try to sketch it in words.  I did this with Reydell's sanctuary and with the interior waterfall in the Agojen.  I trotted out this technique once again in episode 75 to describe the onyx body-preparation station, mostly because I didn't really know what a block of onyx would actually look like! 


  1. It took me a re-listen to get it, but I got it. Gentle criticism might be a more obvious interstitial (I'm ignorant of audio engineering but whatever the proper word is) would have made it more clear without breaking the tone.

  2. This confused a lot of people. Well, it's an experiment in story telling, right? I learned something, at least! :)