Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Dice Making is Hard!

 About a month ago I wandered by a garage sale and, on impulse, went to have a look.  I came home with a waffle-maker and 2 big jugs of epoxy, complete with alcohol dye and silicone molds.  I got everything for 10 bucks and I was thinking...

...DICE!...  (also: WAFFLES!)

So I ordered some molds from Wish.com (I know... rookie mistake) and waited a few weeks for them to arrive.  They came in the mail a week ago and I was so excited to start.

But I learned that making dice is HARD.

First of all, epoxy is just about the most awful medium to work with.  What you don't see in those Youtube videos is how STICKY the stuff is.  It's a nightmare - you can't imagine.  If you give this a shot, lay out newspapers, and then lay out MORE newspapers.  Don't even think about doing this without gloves.

The little cheap individual molds I bought have these tops that are extremely hard to maneuver into place - I actually put them on UPSIDE DOWN on my first batch of dice.

Don't worry, I made every other mistake, too :).

  • Air pockets? Check.
  • Sticky because I mixed them unevenly? Check.
  • Made too much and had a crazy amount of extra sticky slop to deal with? Check.

Well, here's the end result for batch #1.  I've got a 2nd batch curing right now... I think they'll go better.  I put the lids on right way around at least!

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