Tuesday, November 9, 2021

5 More Movies that Have Inspired the Show

 Back in June, I posted about 5 films that have inspired scenes from the show.  Well, here's 5 more, in no particular order, that have inspired the making of TOTM.

This scene from Clash of the Titans (the good one) gave me the idea to have Gruenmawg listening where Barrok Ironskin slagged him off, saying the deity was nothing more than a shadow.  Of course, the gods have a sense of irony, and Ironskin's punishment fit the crime.


This scene from The Shining needs no introduction, being one of the most iconic scenes in cinema.  Barrok at the Throne Room door comes from this image.  I even named the dish they are eating after the director.  "The Koobrik is delicious."

I love the animations of Ray Harryhausen (who did loads of work on Clash of the Titans, too, of course).  Their imperfect look is what makes them feel so distinct.  That, and the sound design.  I knew what the Gaxarn Living Statues would sound like the moment I decided to put them in the Vault.  This scene is from Jason and the Argonauts, which is still an excellent watch, to this day.

The film, Empty Man (not Hollow Man as I originally wrote - thanks, SecretShopKeep!), is one that many people passed on.  It's not a perfect film, but it's better than most of the genre and has some very cool moments.  One is a scene depicting this bridge - which is a real place (though there's plenty of movie magic going on to super-charge it in the film's depiction of it) in Bhutan.  I lifted the basic idea of the Bridge of the Wind from this movie.

Finally, the film version of Romeo & Juliet directed by Zeffirelli is near perfect.  In the middle of the play, there's a song by a young boy.  There's a similar scene in Polanski's Macbeth.  Having Ursulath sing for everyone in the throne room in Duervar came from these 2 films. This is neither here nor there, but how perfect is Olivia Hussey as Juliet?


  1. That shot is from "The Empty Man". Hollow Man was a Kevin Bacon movie from the 90's. ~ Geek Corrections Dept.

  2. Ah! You're right! How did I miss that? Fixing now...

  3. No worries.
    A) I like both of those movies.
    B) My sister has been to the Kingdom of Bhutan and has pictures of that bridge.
    C) I love what you are doing with the Tale of the Manitcore podcast. I get nervous every time there is a combat because I like the characters so much. Can't wait to see the rules.