Sunday, March 14, 2021

If you ever reached out and did not get a reply from me...

 Yesterday I went on Reddit and for really no reason at all, I clicked on the 'Chat' icon.  I have never wanted to use Reddit chat before... maybe I was curious, or bored?  I dunno.

What I didn't expect was to find several very old messages from listeners who had reached out.  A few even offered to join the cast with some voice acting (boy, last summer, I really needed actors, too!)

Hey, Reddit... why have a 'Chat' function if it's just the same as the message system?  What a terrible feeling to find out I had unwittingly ignored a bunch of listeners.  I felt like shit about it.  I remember reaching out to a few podcasters when I started.  Some never replied.  Didn't feel great, you know?

I am writing this here to say that if you are reading this now, and you have ever reached out to me and not gotten a response, please know that I didn't get your message & please try again.  I reply to all my email.  Please also accept my apologies.  

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