Friday, March 19, 2021

Guess Who!

 Saw this on Insta today and it made my jaw drop:

My “Character of the Month” for March isn’t MY character at all. Raphinfel, “The Adored”, is the creation of Jon, producer and creator of the brilliant Tale of the Manticore podcast, which you should all be listening to. As such, Raphinfel’s story isn’t mine to tell, so apologies in advance for those expecting my customary prose. You can hear it for yourself by checking out Tale of the Manticore: 31 short episodes and counting, all really good.

How cool is that??!!

Please check out the rest and all the other great stuff Angry Piper has to offer right here:


  1. That is awesome! He is my fave character of the show.

  2. Really? He's still out there & I have a fairly good idea of what he's up to. There's a tiny hint of it in the 'Hanging' episode. Time (and dice) will tell if their paths ever cross again. I hope so, but I won't force it.