Sunday, November 22, 2020

Where there's Smoke ... Update.

 If you have noticed some inconsistencies in the audio lately,the reason is that I still have no studio space. No mics, no cables... not much at all.  I have had to patch some segments of the show with audio captured on my phone.  It results in a different tone, unwanted reverb, etc. 

As a result of the fire here (currently I have new drywall, but no floors and all my belongings are in a warehouse) I will be forced to reduce my output, for the next little while, to my original 2/month schedule.  I am a little worried that even in doing that I still might not be able to meet my own deadlines, but I will try.  

Hopefully I will have a place to live within a week.  After that, things should get a bit easier.  

1 comment:

  1. New fan here. Sorry to hear about the fire! I generally do not like actual play podcasts, so I was surprised how much your chimerical show has got its claws in me! I have to listen to each episode twice for some reason, so that has slowed my binging. I'm up to ep 7, now. Thanks for all your work!