Saturday, November 14, 2020

The inspiration for the sunrise scene in Episode 21

 Most of what I write in TOTM just gets plucked from the recesses of my hotpot of a brain, but occasionally I do have a concrete image in mind.  That was the case in the last episode during the scene where the party departs Duervar before dawn and watches the sunrise from above the cloud line.

I had this experience exactly one time in my life - it was when I climbed Mt Fuji in Japan.  I have a photo of this spectacle on my wall (actually I did... my condo is still gutted post fire).  I couldn't find a digital copy of my photo to share with you... I hope to hell the photo wasn't taken with a film camera... but I did find something kind of similar online, so please forgive my having to post someone else's photo.  If I find my own in future, I'll post it here.

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