Sunday, November 1, 2020

Where There's Fire, There's Smoke

 Normally that expression goes the other way around, if I'm not mistaken.

You might have noticed that I am a little quieter than usual lately.  I haven't lost interest in TOTM or anything like that - nope, that's stronger than ever.  But I have had a setback.  Christine (who voices Aradine) and I have had a kitchen fire in our apartment.  We confined the flames to the kitchen by unloading no fewer than 6 fire extinguishers on it, but the smoke damage has been extensive.  We've had to move out and all our stuff - like, all of it - is currently at a warehouse being sorted into salvageable and non-salvageable piles.  This includes my desktop computer, all my mics, preamps and other gear with which I make TOTM.  I did have the forethought to remove all my backup drives to a safe space, so my work to date isn't lost - thank Mazigar.  I might not be able to keep up my publishing schedule however.  There's a chance I'll miss a deadline.  I really hope it's just the one (or none).  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I'm pleased to say that no humans or cats were hurt in the accident.  We will be back up and running as soon as we can.  Shownotes will be delayed for episode 20 and possibly beyond.  Sorry about that.

Perhaps this will be an opportunity to streamline my process, set up a far less cluttered studio and, if nothing else, that Spring Cleaning we never got around to, had gotten around to us.


  1. So sorry to hear that, but at least you guys are safe!

  2. Thanks, Oz. Folks have been really kind to us. Much appreciated.

  3. Glad you survived it. Glad you had 6 fire extinguishers. Glad, lastly, but still significantly, that TOTM has been saved. All my best, friend.

  4. Thanks, Abel. Means a lot! Just waiting for the repairs to happen now and looking forward to having a home again. :)

  5. Glad to hear you're both okay, and Megumi and I are wishing y'all a speedy recovery of a home and workspace. We're also glad TOTM is still going. Don't be hard on yourself if you miss some deadlines. We're still listening!