Friday, April 24, 2020

The First 10 Days

I've been live now for 10 days. It has been pretty cool to see numbers come in - of course they are small - I had no illusions about that - but they are better than I'd expected. My goal was to get 50 listeners in the first week. I surpassed that and got 80. hardly earth-shattering, I know, but that's still 80 people who listened to my story. From that perspective.... pretty great! My 2nd goal is to hit 100 listeners within 2 weeks. I'm on track to do it, too.

The next episode will come out this coming Wednesday. I hope folks will stick with me as the sound, and the story, just gets better and better.

Today I hit an inevitable setback: I lost some data. Not sure what happened, but my Word file (don't laugh) was just missing a big chunk of writing. I tried to recover it, but it was not to be. I ended up having to rewrite it all. Probably lost about 5 pages of good stuff. It could have been worse, I guess. But ... goddammit.

Spent many days this week participating in webinars on how to do a podcast. Can't say I learned a lot, but they were OK. Still working out a couple of bugs with Apple Podcasts, too. My show was labeled "Every day'. After logging an IT ticket and going through the offered steps, it now reads 'Every Weekday'. Still wrong, though slightly less so. Sorry if that has confused anyone. The show is twice a month. It takes hours and hours to make one episode - a faster schedule wouldn't be possible unless it was my full time job.

To everyone who has listened: THANK YOU!!

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