Friday, April 17, 2020

Wandering Encounters Table for Ep 1

Wandering Encounters Table for Ep 1

1 Young Ogre
2 2 Goblin Slavers
3 3 Kobolds
4 4 Giant Rats
5 Wizard Eye
6 Other goblin tribe
7 3 wolves
8 4 stirges
9 3 Giant Spiders
10 Possible ally NPC

*It's kind of funny to look at this table now that I'm already in the process of recording Episode 11 - the story might have taken such a different route had it not been for the rolls I got early on. 3 wolves, for example, might have killed a party member or two outright. A possible NPC ally would have added a new dimension. The Wizard Eye would have dramatically changed an antagonist who shows up later and if I'd rolled 'Other goblin tribe', it would have completely altered the story's trajectory. How cool is that?*

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