Thursday, March 19, 2020

I love it when a plan comes together

With COVID 19 having shut down my corner of the world pretty significantly, I have a LOT of time to think about TOTM.  Despite having so much to say right now, I'm going to limit myself to one post a week on this blog.  Why limit myself? It's because of some advice I gleaned from Aram Vartian of the excellent Godsfall podcast.

Aram's creation is an inspiration to me. Until I heard his work, I thought the bar of production quality in podcasting was fairly low, but his use of voice acting, music and effects... well, WOW.  Even the quality of the audio itself: loud, clear... pretty much perfect.  Something to aspire to.

Aram gave these 2 bits of golden advice on his podcast and somewhere in the land of Youtube:  

One: use an SM57 mic.  I tried using a 'better' mic (a more expensive condenser for... oh right, nobody cares...) and the 57 was still superior.  

Two: If you're going to release a podcast, don't release them as you make them, but instead create a buffer of 5-10 episodes.  That way, you aren't racing a deadline constantly.  Also, if life throws you a curveball (you lose your files, your computer dies, you get Corona Virus, etc etc) you can still keep whatever schedule you have promised your audience.

From some other source, I got this third little nugget: When you launch, launch more than one episode.  Apparently some people will give negative reviews if you don't, just because you have left them wanting more, but not in the good way.

When I smash all this advice into a mushy ball of wisdom, I get a release date of late May.  The goal is to have 10 episodes completed and release 4 of them on launch.  Then I can commit to a 2-a-month release schedule.  So that's my plan.  Hoo-ah!

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