Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Ba ba ba-ba ba, my Corona

This Corona thing is no kidding around.  The upshot is that I have much, much more time than I had anticipated having.  I think I can move up my launch by a month.  Sometime in April should be about right.  I have recorded Episode 0 plus chapters 1-4.  Working on 5 currently and should be done in a couple more days.  Unless the world goes back to normal in the very near future, I should reach my goal in a couple of weeks.  I need to start learning about podcast hosting...

Before launch I want to lay out some of the homebrew changes I'll be making to the basic rules.  Here they are in no particular order:

1) No hopeless characters - to me that means stats of 3,4, or 5, for PCs are rerolled.  If I need to roll a character of a certain class, the prerequisite stat needs to be a 13 or more.  Fair?

2) PCs get max hp per level.  These kids have it tough enough - let's throw em a bone. Believe me, they're gonna need every point.

3) NPCs 'min out' at half hp.  No freakishly weak monsters.  Just no.

4) No items to start at all.  At least for now. Too much bookkeeping.  Players start out with rags.  That's it.  Be grateful for your rags.  In my day we didn't even have rags.  Just a piece of Kleenex.

5) No XP - it's a bulky system that makes no sense.  Characters who survive and participate in 10 episodes of the podcast will gain a level.  3rd level will come after an additional 10.  4th after 15 more.  This goes for NPCs too.

6) Wandering monster checks will not be rolled every 2 turns (20 minutes??!!) as the basic rules dictates.  Every 2 hours will be fine, thanks.

In addition to the above, I am also strongly considering doing away with he spell: 'Read Magic'.  I mean... what a bummer of a spell that is.  Can we just let the magic users ... use magic?  That'd be great.  I think in 5th edition it might have been removed, but I've never actually read 5th ed.  I'm curious but... well, I haven't read it.

Furthermore I have seen systems where characters can roll for increased basic stats when they advance in level.  This appeals to me, in part because it makes sense.  A character would get stronger, smarter, more charismatic, etc etc. It makes sense that the prerequisite stat has a better chance of increasing, too.

Well, there's food for thought.

Stay tuned for Episode 0, and Eps 1-3, coming soon.

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