Monday, November 6, 2023

Clericon Has Come and Gone

This past weekend I attended a con for the first time ever.  When I was a kid, I read about GenCon in Dragon magazine and wondered what it would be like to attend.  Three years ago, when I came back to the hobby, I put 'attend a con' high on my list of RPG Things To Do.  I tried to volunteer for one called Breakout here in Toronto, but I applied too late and there were no openings left.  

But this past weekend, finally, I got my chance.

Clericon was conceived and hosted by Father Aaron, the man behind The Dungeon Minister YouTube channel.  He invited me, along with Mage's Musings, Bandit's Keep and Hexed Press to be guest speakers.  

It was really good fun.  On Saturday, I ran a game of The Quiet Year, did a quick demo of Pendulum, took part in a panel discussion, and then ran another game of OSE (so it was around 7-8 hours of gaming that day).  On the Sunday, I was free to play, so I joined in a DCC game and a Mork Borg game - two games I had always wanted to try.  

Thanks to Father Aaron and the Honeywood Gang for throwing such a great party!  Since it was such a success, I'm hoping it'll happenagan ext year :

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