Friday, July 7, 2023

The Summer of Maps

 I have long wanted to update the maps in Encyclopedia Manticorica, but it has always been a job that took too much time and had such a steep learning curve.  If I had tried to do it during the school year, I would've burned out, but now that it is summer, I finally do have the time.

I figured I would start by making some practice maps.  Here's one I think turned out rather well for Upper Camortine and might be interesting to listeners of Season 2.


  1. Amazing! What software are you using? I'm trying out Inkarnate but I like the 'first page of a fantasy novel' vibe this has.

  2. Inkarnate is great and I used it for a while. Eventually I broke down and bought Wonderdraft, which I'm using for overland maps. There's a learning curve, but it's a great program. Trying to redo most of my maps to finally make good on my promise to update Encyclopedia Manticorica.