Friday, May 19, 2023

It's Kind of a Scene

Sometime I think podcasting is a lot like being in an indie band.  There's a DIY aspect and a one-fan-at-a-time feel to it that seems so similar to me.  I also can't help but notice how other pods will lift each other up, just like we used to do in our garage band days.

In the same spirit, lately it feel like there's a bit of a Solo Scene developing. Can you feel it too?  Just off the top of my head, in the last few years, we've had so many pop up and new ones are still emerging. As I locate their websites, I'll post them here on the blog.

Check out this list and if you know of others, please share!

The Iron Realm

Tales of Mystara

Errant Adventures

Legend of the Bones

Echoes of Eshaton

Legends from the Fireside

Stories From the First Watch

Role Play Rescue's Crag's Ruin series

Me Myself & Die


  1. I really like the solo TTRPG podcast genre that is really starting to build up. You, sir, were the first I found doing this and, while you may not have been the first, I would say that you are an inspiration to us. Thank you, and keep it coming sir.

  2. Thanks, Korth910! As a fan, first and foremost, I am super excited to get into these offerings by new and talented creators. Hopefully they start to pop up like mushrooms!

    1. I am toying with creating my own podcast in this same vain. My kids like listening to me recap my solo game for them and they love TOTM. who knows maybe I will ...

  3. I agree with you that TOMT my gold standard that all others are measured against. I have tried all of the above and while they come close, I have not found any that top TOTM.

  4. Thanks for the LotB mention Jon, I agree, it does feel like a scene is starting to develop. I'd also recommend A Game of One's Own. The host is playing short adventures with different RPGs rather tahn a single long campaign. The first is not fantasy but it's still a great example of the blend of solo rpg and narrative storytelling.

  5. Wow, just seen this, thank you for the mention! An honour to be listed alongside the greats of the scene.