Monday, January 2, 2023

My Goals for 2023

 I don't really think resolutions work for me, but I do believe in setting goals.  This year I hit a milestone that I've been dreaming about for ages: 250K downloads.  It took three years to get there.  Can I realistically get to 500K in one more year? Hmmm... I think it's too big a stretch.  But I think I can do it by the end of Season 2, which is probably about a year and half from now.

Apart from that, I'm looking to do some more collaboration (Errant Adventures and I have something in the works).  I'm planning to update Encyclopedia Manticorica with updated maps. (I had hoped to be doing that right now, during my winter break, but I can't see myself having the time to get good enough at it to create release-ready stuff.  I might be able to do indoor maps.  It might be better if it's all at once, so I don't bombard folks with updates.)  

I also have a few "stretch" goals.  If I can hit Gold status with One Shot in the Dark, I'll publish an expansion adventure for it.  I'm sure I'll continue putting out stuff for Pendulum here on the blog, too.  Finally, I would like to try to put out Season 1 of TOTM as a novel.  (Actually, more of a cleaned up transcript, as I think it's important to leave all the 'meta' stuff in.  It wouldn't work as a pure novel.)

In my group gaming life, I'd like to finally try out some of the systems I've been sleeping on, namely Savage Worlds, Mork Borg, Cairn, Mausritter, Alien and many others.  Recommendations are always welcome!

How about you? What are your goals for 2023? Dungeon23?

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