Friday, December 30, 2022

A Table of Random Names (For Pendulum or General Use)

 This is the table I have on hand to grab names from for the show - don't be surprised if you hear one of these in future episodes.  I don't really have a system for making names... I just mash sounds together until they sound like something.  I try to avoid ending all female names with 'a' as I find it does get a little samey.  With that in mind, here's a table of: 

female names for a fantasy setting

1 Runotha

2 Ayen

3 Eiyeen

4 Kaliron

5 Colvin

6 Kabaleth

7 Kava

8 Darlee

9 Ehghondra

10 Tiahn

11 Janelle

12 Kavan

13 Kallen

14 Layaan

15 Eiluned

16 Myriahn

17 Janna

18 Ofrian

19 Cenina

20 Bryonny

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