Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Pendulum Playtesters: Please Read

 Hi folks,

Thanks so much for your time and truly excellent feedback.  Without a doubt, this world-building assistant is going to be so much better because of your efforts!  As I begin to implement the suggested changes, I wanted to be sure that I have all my info correct and that I haven't missed anybody.  It's always possible that emails get lost, misfiled, or misdirected.

Please check that your name a) is included and that it is b) spelled correctly.  You can let me know by email or in the comments if there is anything that requires attention.  

Here's the current Thank You list:


Thanks so very much to Charles "Cid" Jean, Steve Morrison, EZ, Talon Waite, James Sral, Josh @ Mudbeggar Games, Christer Enfors, HODAG RPG, Eric Dill (@drakonspyre), Caulin Close, Matt Hayles, Mike Northcraft, Tony Mowery, CadejoNegro, Andrea Privitera, Gregory Timperio, Andrew Brewer, & Robin Sampson

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