Monday, August 29, 2022

I Made a Dice Tower

It took ages to make this, but it was free and it kept me busy, so... yeah, a fun summer project. Take a look - anyone can make something like this.  It just takes time (and glue).

I used a soymilk carton.  This was a mistake.  The outside was a bit waxed and the glue didn't stick perfectly, but more problematic was that it was too thin and needed to be braced inside.  I added some ramps for the dice to tumble over, too, so it wouldn't be a straight drop.

I attached each brick individually, using a lot of glue, and stuck it to a foamcore base.  Then I painted the whole thing with a 50-50 mixture of black paint and Modpodge to seal it.

I made the top separately so the dice tower stuff was hidden.

Next I painted individual stones different shades of grey and brown. The, I drybushed highlights in beige.

Finally, a blackwash (this is where it comes to life) and a coat of pure Modpodge, which dries glossy clear.

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