Thursday, July 21, 2022

Shownotes for S2E3

Theme                                     Enchiridion

Welcome                                  148 Barovian Castle

Part 1                                       Odin 

Some  FX:                      


  1. RIP Wraith. You know the lore on the dog not being in BECMI was rooted in the satanic panic era fear that 11 year old me would start hacking up local domesticated animals for XP after learning to DM. The other reason BECMI eschews any real talk about clerical spells origins. The later sets of course go very deep into the eschatology of the immortals and such topics but red box gives connection to real world 'things' a pretty wide berth.

    Very fun episode with a tense close quarters combat. Also pretty cool that we have a party having to contend with the confounding nature of magic -- without a having a mage among them even explain it.

  2. I was wondering if I might get a little heat for killing a doggo in that ep!