Tuesday, May 3, 2022

My RPG Quests

I've been hoping to get back to the table since I started my show over 2 years ago.  Well, it finally happened.  In the end, there was a smaller turnout than we wanted and it started with just 2 of us, then a third.  But you know what? It was great!  I'd learned a lesson from a failure a few months before.

In February, I had put up an ad looking for players and got a few responses that were promising.  2 of the guys were local - so local that I suggested we meet for coffee.  This was a mistake.  Without the focus of 'a game happening 'right now' in front of us, the meeting felt strained and awkward.  One of the guys was incredibly late, forcing the first 2 of us to smalltalk for over 45 minutes before the third even arrived.  It just didn't work out.  So I learned from the misstep and realized its better to start a game almost right away.  

But.... I still have one more quest.  I want to try 5e D&D and I don't want to DM it.  I want the player experience.  I found a group through Discord in Toronto and ... well, I'll let the jpg speak for itself...

So I was getting a certain vibe ... it was not going to work.  The game got postponed, so I didn't even find out.  It's been rescheduled for this week, and I think I'll go.  I'm going to play it their way, silly pun-names and all.  Just once.  Then I'll at least have tried 5e.

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