Friday, May 27, 2022

Let's Build a Tower

 Saw some cool dice towers online and thought, "I'd like to build something like that." But, I didn't really want to make a dice tower... so... just a tower then!

I started with a can of tomatoes (I ate the tomatoes) and then some foam I found in my condo's recycling room.  Cut them into bricks and glued them on (1).  I left spaces for the windows and door.  I also cut both ends off the can.  Not really necessary to do both sides, in the end.

Next, I did a modpodge/black paint sealing coat (2).  The roof was done on carboard with eggcarton bricks (3).  Forgot where I heard this would work well, but it really does.  From now on, I collect egg cartons.  Easier than foam core and looks at least as good if not better.

After, I coloured everything grey and then did some bricks a different colour (4).  Brown, dark grey, etc.  A light drybrush with beige came after.

The next step is the blackwash and gluing on the popsickle stick door and trapdoor (5).

Finally, I attached the roof and gave everything a light modpodge coat to give it a satin gloss (6).  You could leave it matt, but this looks better and it adds more glue, which is always good.

I'm happy with the result overall (7).  If I did it again, I'd make the bricks smaller, the arrowslits smaller, and the crenellations taller.  The way it is, the scale is a bit wonky.  Still, it's not terrible by any stretch.  

If you've got some basic craft supplies, I'd encourage anyone to give this a go.  It's fun and free.