Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Fan-made module for OSitD available right here, for free!

 A couple of weeks ago I got an email from EZ, who had made a module for OSitD.  He asked if I'd like to playtest it  ... you bet I did!  He has very generously allowed me to make it available to you for free, so if anyone is looking for some OSitD DLC, click on this link and be sure to leave a comment for EZ with a digital high five.  There are some very cool ideas here.  Without spoiling too much: expanded thief abilities and a Boss Henchman random table.  This adventure, called the Lair of the Goblin King is 4 levels, and takes significantly longer than a typical OSitD game.  Partly this is due to expanded combat (by which I mean there's more combat than in the original module).  Here's a photo of EZ's setup.  Now I have some serious card envy going on!

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