Saturday, August 7, 2021

Neffia The Small


The appointed night arrives and the mission begins.  Neffia the Small looks up at the second story window. Can she scale the wall?


Applicable clichés?: None


1d6=4 (Yes, but) (And/But roll 1d6=3, unique feature)


She is able to scale the wall but when she reaches the window, she finds that it is barred.  The bars were thin and recessed and she had not been able to see them from below.


Well, she’s small… can she squeeze through?


Applicable clichés?: None


1d6=6 (Yes, and) (And/But roll 1d6=4, unique feature)


She is able to quickly slip through the bars and finds that the shape of the bars are such that they would allow her to pass through fairly easily but block any pursuers if she needs to make a run for it later.


I think with a Yes And, the room is unoccupied.  What kind of room is it?  Hmm… I wonder what kind of room this is.  Is there a way to randomize that in the rules? No, not really, so I’ll just say: it’s 50-50 a storage room, or bedchamber.  


Hi/Low=Hi. Storage Room.


That’s lucky, too, thinks Neffia.  A storage room is likely to remain unoccupied.  Is there anything useful in here? A rope? Some oil?  Let’s roll…


Applicable clichés?: None


1d6=2 (No)


Just a bunch of crappy paintings stacked against the wall and some old books nobody would ever want to read.  Some crates that have been nailed shut and an empty trunk.  She gently slides the trunk under the window to make a step to the window in case she needs to make a hasty exit.  She congratulates herself on her smart idea and sneaks across the room to the door.


The medallion she needs to find is probably in Sir Gillinton’s bed chamber or treasury.  Hopefully she’ll find it quickly.


She opens the door and peers into the hallway beyond.

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