Monday, August 30, 2021

Neffia the Small pt 3

Continued from: The medallion she needs to find is probably in Sir Gillinton’s bed chamber or treasury.  Hopefully she’ll find it quickly.


She opens the door and peers into the hallway beyond.


Is the hallway occupied?


Applicable clichés?: None


1d6=3 (No, but)


The hallway is empty, but it is lit with an oil lamp on a small table at the end and she can hear two low voices.  There are 2 door set in the wall between her and the light source.


Can she sneak to the first door without being heard?


Applicable clichés?: Quiet as a Mouse


2d6=6 is the best result (Yes, And)


Like a shadow, she moves to the first door, presses her ear against it and listens.  She can’t hear anything on the other side but she does hear a part of the conversation she couldn’t make out earlier.  “….time to do the rounds downstairs…” Someone grabs the lamp and the hall is cast in darkness.  Just the way she prefers.


Luck is with her.  At least for now.  She tries the door.  Is it locked?


Applicable clichés?: None


1d6=6 (Yes, and)


Not locked but barred from the other side.  There’s no way she’s getting through.


Cursing, she moves on the the next door.  At least whoever was talking has moved on – they took their light with them, too.


She tries the new door.  Is it locked?


Applicable clichés?: None


1d6=4 (Yes, but)


It’s locked but at least it’s a mechanical lock se in the door and she can probably pop it open with her tools.  She fishes a probe and a hooked wire from a wallet she keeps at her belt and goes to work.


Does she successfully pick the lock?


Applicable clichés?: No lock she can’t pick


2d6=5 is the bets result. (Yes)


There’s a gratifying little snap and the door swings open quietly.  The room inside is not lit, but Neffia is used to working in low light and she can see well enough to work.


This is some kind of bedroom.  There’s a door on the other side of the room, probably leading to another hallway parallel to the one she was just in.


Is this the master bedroom?


Applicable clichés?: None


1d6=1 (No, and)


This is a servant’s bedroom, which means, the master bedroom is probably not even on this floor.  Neffia has to make a choice. There’s a room right next to the one she’s in that has something in it worth protecting, but it’s almost certainly not the room containing the silver medallion she’s after.  The chances are almost certain that the master bedroom is on a different floor than the servants’ room.  She’ll have to go downstairs to reach her objective.  Perhaps the master of the house dislikes stairs or something… the lazy bastard…


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