Saturday, August 1, 2020

Two more links to loopable background music

A couple more links. I'm sure I'll add more now and then.

Composition 2

Composition 3


  1. Interesting way to run a game. I thinking a cross over or parallel show might be fun. Great way to approach a game and sole it as a Choose your own adventure book style. Just finished show2 - I'm hooked. Well done.

    1. Thanks very much for the comment (and the listens), G-Man. I kind of stumbled into this mode of storytelling and didn't realize until around episode 5 that there were some very new and exciting directions to take it. I absolutely agree that a parallel or crossover would work and I dod have some ideas bubbling in my noggin. One thought was to do a chain story. Kinda like that camp game where you write one sentence of a story and pass it down the line, but do it with episodes instead of sentences...