Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Known Goofs

You know how IMDB lists all the known goofs in a movie? I thought I'd lay down all the goofs I could think of that I've made so far in the show. They're mostly harmless, by and large. 

 1) When Umura leveled up, I let her keep her Charm Person spell in her memory. Actually, this wasn't a goof, but a purposeful rule abuse. I thought it was a nice way to illustrate her level up and didn't unbalance the game in any way. It did create a problem going forward though, which is why I list it here.  I'll make the ruling now that I won't let any character instantly regain spell slots when leveling, video-game style, after level 2. 

2) Recently Kagan bashed down a door in an inn. The B/X rules say he should have, based on his strength score, a 1 in 3 chance of success. I forgot about this rule and used a strength ability check, which gave him a 65% chance of success. In the end I rolled a 3, a success by either method, so I guess there's no harm done (except to the door). 

 3) The wheelwright and wagon driver is first called "Alfrin" by Tor, the called "Alfin" thereafter. This is just a pure goof. The game is typed as it is 'played', so this kind of thing can happen. I make up names on the spot and then misremember them. By the same token, Gyrios' home kingdom/country is first called Kamrath, and later Kamranth.  I'll stick with the latter version.

 4) During the attack with the Giant Rats I say there's a 1% chance of getting a disease when hit. I actually did and do know that there's actually a 5% (1 in 20) chance and played it that way. But I misspoke. I thought of going back and editing it, but figured it was not worth fixing in the end. Hopefully it didn't reduce the excitement. I was truly worried about rolling a 1. I can remember it well. 

 I think that's all the goofs I know about. If you know of any, please let me know in a comment. Hopefully there's nothing critical that I've overlooked.

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