Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The No-Rolls Episode

 When I was playing through S2E70, I remember getting to the end of a session and I realized, "Oh no! I haven't rolled any dice!"

Somehow I hadn't even noticed.

Usually my concern is to wrap the episode at a 'good' moment - a cliffhanger or with something else to look forward to - but this time I started wondering if there was a way to get some rolling into the episode and still have it be the correct duration of 25-32 minutes.  I just couldn't find one, so I decided that this time, I wouldn't force it.

The whole point of TOTM is to let dice tell the story, so I was a bit worried I'd strayed too far from the path, but I was also curious: would listeners be bothered? Would they even notice?

I figured I'd take the chance to ask: what's your opinion on this?  Feel free to post any reactions or ideas in the comments below. I'd love to hear what you think.

(For the record, I'm hoping this was a one time thing, or at least something that would only very rarely happen...) 


  1. I did notice the thing but just barely. I think you as the "project manager" of TotM must be more worried about following the ideals of your experiment than many of us listeners. I'm mainly in it for the gripping story you're providing. Although I guess a battle sequence without dice-rolling would feel weird.

  2. Well said, SH. I do stress over little things and continuity. I can promise: no diceless combat :)

  3. Truman and I didn't even notice until it was pointed out in the next episode. When the story is so good, the fans don't sweat the particulars!