Saturday, February 25, 2023

A little Slip Up - very minor spoiler for Ep 24

  I think it started in ep 23 and continued through 24: an error I totally missed, despite listening to each episode a dozen times during production.  The error is this: Sister Araness says she doesn't want Catsbane to go with her to the tower, but then, boom, there he is, without explanation.  

  This is not a case of my pulling a sneaky one; it's just an oversight.  I briefly thought about fixing it after the fact, but any explanation I came up with sounded thin and didn't make much sense - better to just come clean and do a mia culpa.  

  I suspect I've made other errors in the past I'm not even aware of.  This one is not game breaking. It irks me to have missed something so obvious, but it's nothing really to lose sleep over, either.  Sorry if this confused anyone or made them think, 'Jon's doing something here... but what is it?!"

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