Friday, September 9, 2022

Pendulum playtesters: please read

 Even though I've had a setback with my computer blue-screening, I wanted to post this note to the blog to say thanks to all those who helped out so much by playtesting and sharing their ideas.  The finished Pendulum is quite different now as a result of your comments.  There were a few ideas that I wanted to implement but could not, and I wanted to acknowledge them.  They are very worthy but for one reason or another, I couldn't make them happen.  They were:

  • Making the blank parts of the table form-fillable.  A clearly excellent idea.  I spent a lot of time testing products for this, but ultimately couldn't make it work.
  • Playing the game backwards.  Another great idea, but would have required a complete re-write as so many prompts refer backwards to older ones.
  • Adding a variety of sample lists and tables for names, secrets, etc. I thought about this and decided there should either be a lot or none.  Perhaps I can post this kind of thing piecemeal here on the blog.
The title of this post says 'please read' because I wanted to list all the names of my playtesters here to catch anyone I might have somehow missed.

If you playtested Pendulum and you don't see your name here (or if you see a spelling error or something like that), please reach out and tell me (using the comments or email or Twitter or whatever works!) so I can fix the oversight.  The worst thing I can imagine doing is to neglect to thank someone who helped.  If you see your name and all looks well, you don't need to do anything.

Here's the list:

PLAYTESTERS: Thanks so very much to Charles "Cid" Jean, Steve Morrison, EZ, Talon 

Waite, James Sral, Josh @ Mudbeggar Games, Christer Enfors, HODAG RPG, Eric Dill 

(@drakonspyre), Caulin Close, Matt Hayles, Mike Northcraft, Tony Mowery, 

CadejoNegro, Andrea Privitera, Gregory Timperio, Andrew Brewer, Laurent Banguet & Robin Sampson

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