Saturday, December 11, 2021

Shownotes for Episode 58

Theme                                     Evan King - Enchiridion

Welcome                                  148 Barovian Castle

Previously On                          Scott Buckley - Legionnaire

Some  FX:                      


  1. Flash back to Harl 5 of 5 hit points from episode 14. He's become quite the warrior!

  2. Wow, now that's some perspective! Harl really started out as a 'redshirt', you know.

  3. Actually, the chaos rolls is so evident. Recall Munn got the short end of the slime, had Harl (randomly?) met such a nickelodeonesque fate we'd have a spear fighter dwarf. I wonder if Munn would have also become a Stonecarver in your fluid (but great) narrative.

    Heck, had all the redshirts died but Reilly the Roach perhaps he'd have emerged as a forgotten prince ... ?!