Thursday, October 14, 2021

Episode 52 Character Inventory Update

 Haven't done one of these in a while.  Here's what each character is carrying as of the end of episode 52:


Blacknail’s Mentzium Plate mail +2, battleaxe, belt pouch (14gp, 36sp, 88cp), elven waterskin. A whetstone. A leather sack. Iron rations +2, bedroll, 800gp in various rubies.


Leather boots, layered tunic and leggings, goblin belt pouch (empty) waterskin, silver dagger, shoulderbag (quill, inkpot, hooded lantern, tinderbox, 2 flasks oil, 2 doses of Raphinfel’s serum, ‘angel’ recipe notes, “A Treatise on Theoretical Extra Planar Realities.”, Dermund’s spellbook, her spellbook), Silver necklace with sapphire worth 500gp. A spool of strong thread with both a needle and a fish hook. Owl of Thressendia. Ring of prot +1 (now AC=8) Iron rations+2, bedroll


Chainmail, Sov’s +1 mace, backpack, Kagan’s old half-helm, waterskin, good quality beltpouch(2 flasks of oil), good traveling boots, 1 gold holy-symbol-coin, silver shield with engraving, backpack (16 candles, A leather sack, a flint & steel,),  boots, belt pouch Iron rations+2, bedroll, Mithridaticum Elixir (1 vial/1dose). 91gp in mixed coins.


Waterskin, short sword, dagger, short bow and quiver, thieves tools, goblin belt pouch (empty), 50’ rope, Bracers of Defense AC 6. (22 gp, 163sp and 195 cp). 6 expertly made, white-fletched arrows. 17 arrows and a leather quiver. Iron rations+2, whetstone, bedroll


- Simple equipment suitable for a journey and for their respective class plus MINE RATIONS.

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