Sunday, July 25, 2021

Trying out a new system... just for fun

 This won't replace B/X on the show or anything ... I'm just curious to try out this system - it's a simple solo engine that builds on the 'NO AND through YES AND' oracle.  I thought I might do it here on the blog.  We'll call this the Session 0.  Here's my character and a simple set up.  Low fantasy setting, as per my usual stomping grounds...

Find the rules right here:

Neffia the Small

Body: 2
Mind: 1
Soul: 1

HP: 4

 Clich√©’s: Quiet as a mouse, Tougher than she looks, No lock she can’t pick.



 Neffia the Small has been hired by Hustan the Brave to steal back a family heirloom – a silver medallion – that he lost to a minor noble (Sir Gillinton) in a drunken gambling session and is to proud to buy back as Sir Gillinton will make him beg.  Neffia is to steal as much else as she can to disguise the targeted nature of her mission.  If caught, she must not reveal her employer.  On completion of the job, she will receive 100gp.

 Hustan can advise the best time to sneak into the manor, when Sir Gillinton is away at some noble function for the evening.  Hustan can guarantee a solid four hour window while the master of the house is away.

The appointed night arrives and the mission begins.  Neffia the Small looks up at the second story window. Can she scale the wall?

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