Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What I am listening to these days...

 Recently I have been listening to Errant Adventures, which is a soloplay of the Ironsworn Starforged RPG.  It's a great show - intelligent, well edited and the host has a natural sense of storytelling.  It's not unlike Me, Myself & Die but in audio, so it's no wonder I dig it (btw, if you have not yet discovered Me, Myself & Die... boy are you in for a treat).

Got me thinking: here's yet another rpg podcast that appeals to me (I find it really hard to find the right tone) that is, coincidentally, a soloplay.  I'm not being facetious here.  I really don't care if a pod is solo or group.  Actually, I'd prefer a group pod.  Just seems the ones I enjoy most are solo.  So... why?

Jose of RPGTips and I talked this over recently.  Seems that if, like me, you like your fantasy to be 'serious', then the chance of finding a group pod is very slim.  It's hard to not goof and joke in a social setting.  If you make a pod, and you goof and joke, the feeling must be that more jokes = better.  Eventually, it's not even D&D (TAZ, Dungeons & Daddies - both amazing shows, but, not really DnD).

So what's in my ears these days?

Errant Adventures

The Iron Realm

Dungeons & Daddies (not serious at all, but funny, smart, incredibly good)

Ask the Oracle

Threat Dice

Dr. Gameshow (not rpg related)

Strong Songs (not rpg related)

The Ongoing History of New Music (not rpg related)

Roleplay Rescue

Tales of Mystara

The Cast Perilous

The Old Ways

Those are just a few (yeah, I pretty much permanently have earbuds in)

What are you listening to?  Any great recs you can share? I'd love to discover more great pods!


  1. Roll Britannia is good. A nautically-themed D'n'D actual play.

  2. Thanks for the rec! Always looking for more quality stuff.

  3. Me, Myself, and Die has been a huge inspiration for me on Errant Adventures, though I'm definitely no voice actor!

    I've been enjoying Me, My Spouse, and a Die (it's just too good a pun name to pass up) which is a D&D podcast where one half of a couple runs a game for the other half. They have great chemistry (thank goodness) and the storytelling is well done!

  4. Thanks for the rec! Gonna check it out over the weekend. (I kind of love it already, without having listened to any of it.)