Sunday, September 27, 2020

How is a Podcaster like a Punk Rocker?

Sounds like the first line of the world's dullest riddle.

Today I thought I'd muse about how much I feel the podcasting community is so much like the early days of hardcore and new wave, and the not-exactly-early days of punk.  I'm thinking late 70s and early 80s.

Anyone who has see Henry Rollins do spoken word is probably a fan - he's that good.  Turns out the guy can write, too.  If you get the chance, pick up 'Get In The Van' and prepare to have your mind blown.

His band, Black Flag, basically DIY'd their way into relevance.  Tour, tour, tour.  Show, show, show.  Poster campaigns, articles, interviews ... it was nonstop.  Relentless.  Bands would sleep at other bands' homes - or at their fans' homes.  There was a community.  There was a scene.

I feel that the RPG podcasting scene has a lot in common with this ethic.  There is definitely a 'Scene' going on with RPG podcasts.  There's also a community that helps each other out, cross promotes, does guest appearances, etc.  Interviewers and interviewees become friends, not entertainment symbiotes.  Most of all: there is some amazing creative work being done and new ground is being constantly broken.  It's exciting to be a part of.  The RPG Podcasting community probably lives in a world of comfort that Black Flag would have literally killed for... and we probably get into fewer fights and have fewer cups of piss thrown at us.  Otherwise, it's basically the same, right?


  1. It is comforting (?) to find you are a Henry Rollins fan. Your podcast is worth the bloodied and bruised mosh pits of the early 80’s. Once again, I thank you for your art. You, sir, are a bard for the ages!

  2. Wow, this comment completely made my day! Thanks, Michael. I really appreciate these words of encouragement.