Friday, May 1, 2020

A couple of small victories

Happy to report I hit 150 downloads yesterday. Small victories indeed. Still, part of me thought I'd struggle to get 5 listeners. Thanks so much for everyone who has given the show a chance. I decided some time ago that I'd keep the show alive for a full year whether or not I had any listeners at all, but it sure is nice to know others are enjoying it along with me.

Another small victory: I'm now on Spotify.

Spotify makes you wait until you have 5 episodes published, otherwise I would have done it earlier. So... now I'm on every major platform.

In other minor news, after much internal debate, I have decided to re-release the first 4 episodes with improved audio. It's really not all that bad - just kind of furry sounding, but I can't shake the feeling that these first few episodes are my front door and my front lobby. As good as I think the later episodes are... if the first episodes have poor audio, a lot of potential listeners will give up on me before they make it that far. This is gonna take some doing though. I'll chip away. Episode 0 will especially be laborious. Worth it though, I think.

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