Thursday, January 28, 2021

I'm goin' in.

 Tonight I decided to revisit episode zero to see if I could surgically remove a couple of things that have been bugging me and not going away.

For a while now I have regretted slagging the name 'Grog' -- I wasn't aware of the Critical Role character when I wrote and recorded that.... it was just the dumbest name I could think of.  Well... oops.  It wasn't meant to be personal.  So I wanted to cut that out.  There was also a word that I realize now sounded sarcastic when it was never meant to... it just came out wrong.  I wanted that out, too.

So I zoomed into the wave files nice and close, and... decided it didn't matter because what I was hearing made all that stuff irrelevant: the sound quality was just overall BAD.  Front to back, the audio on my voice sounds like dogshit.  I've decided to 'remaster' the whole episode.  That means re-record the vocals with a good microphone.  I probably should have done this ages ago, but I was holding onto an 'it is what it is' mentality.  Now that I hear it up against recent work, I know what it is: dogshit.

It might take a few sessions to complete the work, but I think it'll be worth it.  Ep 0 is my front hall, so to speak.  I can't have it being that ugly!

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